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Finding the best Visalia dentist requires some work. How do you find a dentist who can be both efficient and attentive to your needs? There are many questions you need to ask in order to make sure you’ll feel comfortable with your new dentist.

Here are the signs you should look for when searching for a new Visalia dentist.


The best dentist for you will be located close to either your home or office. When you schedule an appointment or have a dental emergency, you don’t want to have to drive far to seek relief or have to ask a friend to take you home. Having a dentist located close to you is also quite convenient if you have children. An office close to school can accommodate appointments before or after class.  Our office is located in the heart of Visalia with easy freeway access.


If you are looking for a new family dentist, you should look for one who has flexible hours. Regular office hours are important, but what if you have an emergency? Your Visalia dentist should be able to provide sufficient emergency dental office hours to accommodate you and your family.

We know how hard it can be to fit in an emergency dental exam or a braces check-up on short notice. That’s why we offer plenty of services that can be completed on the same day such as tooth ache relief, broken tooth repair, root canal therapy, and much more!


One of the most important things in a dental visit is physical comfort. If you are afraid of needles or of the dentist altogether, you need to find a way to relax and get comfortable. In Dr. Ross’s practice, whether we are providing dentistry for you or for your child, we guarantee the safest and most comfortable dental experience available.

If you require sedation before dental work, don’t worry. We provide sedation in varying degrees. Whether you just want to be a bit more relaxed or completely sedated, you can choose the level of anesthesia that’s right for you.


Experience, or length of time in the dental profession, may prove worrisome for some people. While more experienced people may be more trustworthy, current dentists or orthodontists may prove more profitable.


When you have taken into account distance, flexibility and experience, what else is left but personal experience? When you are choosing which dentistry practice is right for you, there are many factors to take in to account. When you are choosing which dentistry practice is right for you, there are many factors to take in to account. While you can’t go wrong with the ratings of your neighbor we hope you will make the best choice for you.