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tooth colored fillings

Tooth Colored Fillings

A simple and effective way of improving your smile is by replacing your old, dark-colored, amalgam (silver-mercury) fillings with new, composite resin, white teeth fillings. A cavity white filling is generally used to correct the damage and discoloration caused by cavities, and can sometimes be useful in correcting slightly misshaped teeth and small chips in tooth structure. At our office, we use only the newest, aesthetically superior materials, which have been proven to be safe and durable. Your old fillings can be removed and replaced with new, natural-looking white dental fillings, sometimes in just one short visit.

dental fillings

A cavity filling can also be used to serve other purposes, such as changing a tooth’s shape, correcting irregularities in tooth structure, for aesthetics, and much more.

There are two main types of fillings used today; silver fillings (amalgam) and white (composite fillings and glass ionomers). At Dr. Ross’ office, we use only white dental composite fillings. The principal reasons for this are that the composite fillings:

  • yield a very aesthetic outcome
  • typically conserve more healthy tooth structure than the silver
  • prevent against future cavities (only for glass ionomer types)
  • carry no risks of mercury toxicity

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