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Porcelain veneers have tremendous versatility when it comes to correcting cosmetic problems. These wafer-thin shells are extremely esthetic, durable, and create a strong bond to the tooth to yield excellent longevity. Some of the common esthetic problems they are used to correct include:

• Gaps between teeth
• Stained, discolored, yellow teeth
• Rotated, tilted, overlapped, crowded teeth
• Short, worn, or mal-shaped teeth
• Receding gums (slightly)
• Old, discolored fillings or crowns

Sometimes referred to as “instant orthodontics”,  teeth veneers can accomplish in two weeks what may take years to do with traditional braces, and can even address issues that cannot be resolved through an orthodontic treatment process.

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The veneers used by Dr. Ross are made from very thin layers of carefully shaped porcelain and are permanently bonded to the front surfaces of your teeth, similar to the concept of bonding fake fingernails to natural ones.

Today, there are many different types of porcelain materials available to use for veneers. Due to advancements in porcelain and bonding technology, these new materials are stronger, longer lasting, and mimic the translucency and vitality of natural teeth extremely well to give amazing aesthetic results.

The office procedure used to make veneers is a two visit process. The first visit involves preparing the teeth in the area needing veneers, taking an impression, and sending the impression to our cosmetic laboratory to be carefully designed. How much tooth structure needs to be removed for the veneers varies on the case. Depending upon the desired final results, some patients require enough reduction to require an anesthetic be used, while in others, almost nothing is touched or removed. On the second visit, the veneers are tried in, carefully evaluated, and then permanently cemented. Once cemented, you will be able to eat, talk, and brush/floss with them just as you did before they were placed.

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