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missing tooth options

There are three principal options for tooth replacement that have been lost either due to disease or have never developed.

Tooth replacement options include:

  • dental bridges
  • dental implants
  • dentures

The option of doing nothing also exists, but is not advised as it generally leads to further problems, such as teeth shifting, bite loading problems (causing other teeth to break down and/or problems with your jaw joint), periodontal issues (gum problems), and more.

How do you know which missing tooth options are best for you?  The answer depends on many factors:

  • what type of bite pattern the patient uses
  • what teeth are missing and the number of teeth missing
  • the positions of the remaining teeth
  • the health of the gums and remaining teeth

Dr. Andrew Ross reviews which options are best based on the patient’s current condition, treatment needs, and desired outcome.

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