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The best way to correct a problem is to prevent it from happening in the first place. That is why we are very proactive when it comes to our patient’s oral health care with our focus on prevention. A considerable amount of time is spent educating our patients to help prevent problems from happening before they occur. We utilize many preventative measures in our practice, such as nutritional counseling, effective daily home care practices, risk assessment, oral cancer screening, tooth sealants, orthodontic care, and much more.

Our patients are placed on a regularly scheduled cleaning and check-up routine. If a problem does occur, we can catch it at its earliest stage, which will allow us to minimally treat the problem area to yield the best prognosis.

If treatment is needed, our goal is always to treat the area using the least invasive and most tooth conserving approach. Dr. Andrew Ross holds to the philosophy that what you were born with in terms of healthy tooth and gum structure is generally better than any material that we can synthesize to compensate for it once lost. And once it is lost, it can only be repaired. It can never be replaced. In addition, even though there are very advanced materials available today for dentists to match tooth structure and color, for some cases it can be nearly impossible to get a perfect shape or an exact color match to the natural teeth, which reinforces this concept of conservation of tooth structure.