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Dentures can be a way to bring vitality back to your mouth. Many people fight against getting dentures for as long as they can. While we’d all like to protect our natural teeth forever, there’s no reason to limit your quality of life to do so. Dentures can promote better diets, ease pain, and restore confidence in your smile. With all of the pros, often the only problem is a matter of cost.

Noninsurance Numbers

If you’re looking for dentures without insurance, your first step should be talking to your dentist. The cost for dentures varies widely and is dependent on each individual’s mouth. If you need a full set, as opposed to a partial, it will cost more, but is more likely to last significantly longer. Some people get a partial plate only to lose teeth later on. They then need to get a full set of dentures made anyways. There are also other factors that determine what you need.

The most basic dentures will cost around $300 without insurance. As you progress to full sets and different materials, you could find yourself paying more than $5,000 for your dentures. Insurance will help ease this financial burden but isn’t a solution for everyone. Only your dentist can know how easy or difficult your dentures will be to fit.

Prep Work Not Included

The problem with denture estimates is that they only cover the costs of the dentures themselves. Most people will need at least minor prep work before dentures can be fitted. If you still need teeth extractions, this can be a lot of expensive preparatory work. Depending on your needs, it could be $75 to $300 to remove each tooth in preparation for your denture fitting.

Talk to your dentist and schedule a pre-exam to discuss your options. If you have a lot of prep work that would have to happen before dentures could be used, you may be able to find alternatives. Full dentures can work wonders, but they’re not always for everyone.

Alternatives To Full Dentures

If you find that full dentures are too expensive or don’t fit your needs, you do have some alternatives. If you are only missing a few teeth, you can opt for dental implants instead. This option is for filling in a missing tooth or two, but can also be an expensive process. Dental implants start at around $500 each. This is a big step up from the most basic denture cost, but a bit less than the full $5,000 some dentures cost. If you lose more teeth later, dental implants can sometimes be used to anchor denture plates resulting in a better fit and smile.

Dentures can be a great help. If you want to bite and smile with confidence, dentures can be a natural step. However, with a hefty price tag without insurance, some people find that they have to look for denture alternatives. Only your dentist can give you an idea of how much your specific dentures will cost. Make an appointment today to find out if dentures are right for you.