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It’s always best practice to schedule 2 dentist appointments per year but we get that life happens. So if you miss one or two and you’re wondering if you might be due for another check-up at the dentist we put together our top 5 concerns. If any of these sounds familiar it might be a good idea to schedule your next visit with Dr. Andrew Ross your Visalia dentist.

1. Sensitive teeth

Sensitivity to heat and cold can be a warning sign from your teeth. It could potentially be a symptom of tooth decay or even a result of gum disease. If you’re tired of having to adjust what you eat your drink you should come and let Dr. Ross figure out a solution.

2. Gums bleeding from flossing or brushing

If you’re noticing bleeding gums after your normal brushing or flossing you might be showing symptoms of gingivitis. This is the earliest stage of gum disease, and should be treated as soon as possible.

3. Scared to Smile

If you see problems with your smile, you don’t have to live with it. Dr. Ross wants everyone in Visalia to have goals and solutions to a healthy and confident smile.

4. Sore Jaw

Does your jaw hurt when you wake up? You could be grinding your teeth in your sleep. This can cause issues like TMJ problems or even fractures in your tooth enamel. Depending on the cause of your particular oral health issue, this can be treated by Dr. Ross.

5. Difficulty Swallowing

If you’re having a hard time swallowing due to a dry mouth you may not be producing enough saliva. Around 10% of people are affected of this and Dr. Ross will be able to help you prevent complications that come from this oral health issue, such as tooth decay and gum disease.

Be safe – and schedule a check-up every 6 months

After you meet with Dr. Ross make sure you schedule your next check-up every 6 months to keep your dental hygiene on track to a healthy smile.